Resources for the CDP Administrator

Step 3. Invite parishioners to register, select what parish groups they belong to, then take the CDP.

Resource 8: Ways to invite parishioners to take the CDP immediately after the first Registration Sunday.

Make the registration flyers available
Place registration flyers in your usual places for parishioners to take when they come to church. Place the flyers near a visible sign that reads: CDP Registration Flyers, Please Take One.

Use Social Media
Use several types of social media to send the basic content of the bulletin announcement and personalize your communication for greater effect.

  • Flocknotes
  • Parish Facebook page
  • Email to the entire parish database
  • The pastor can send an email to his regular list to communicate with parishioners.
  • Other?

Invite group leaders to email their members
This task is especially important and should not be missed. The CDP admin can use the CDP Parish Dashboard to invite the group leaders who have committed to participate in the CDP process to invite their members to take the CDP this week. Here is a sample email to send to group leaders, which they can modify as needed.

Dear (name of group member),

Our group has committed to participate as a group in the Catholic Discipleship Profile here at (name of parish). A big thank you if you have already registered to take the CDP using the registration flyer available at all the Masses this past weekend.

It’s important that you take the CDP so our entire group can receive our CDP Group Profile report, which is an aggregate of our individual profile reports. We need a minimum of 8 members who have completed the CDP to run our group profile report. We then can compare our group report with the parish report and discuss how these reports help us to achieve our mission.

If you did not receive a registration flyer and have not already registered to take the CDP, please do so this week. Here’s how: go to our parish website (place URL here) and look for the CDP on the homepage (or name the location). Be sure to select our group in the registration process. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete, and you will receive your individual profile report immediately. You can read your report online or print it as a PDF. Your report is totally personal and private—no one sees your report unless you share it. Please register and take the CDP this week.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

(Name of group leader)

The CDP Administrator can contact Paulist Evangelization Ministries if there are questions about the CDP.

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