Discover How You Show Catholic Discipleship In Your Life

About the Catholic Discipleship Profile

The Catholic Discipleship Profile is a resource that provides in-depth and personalized insights about your life in Christ. The CDP gets right to the heart of how you live as a Catholic in five key areas:



how you live your relationship with God through faith and prayer


Faith and Life

how you grow in your faith through life’s challenges



how you offer and receive support from others



how you live out your faith in service, sharing, and love



how you incorporate Catholic values and practices in your daily life

An Introduction to the Catholic Discipleship Profile

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Here’s What To Expect in your personal report

Your personal report will be generated immediately. Use it for reflection and prayer. Share it with a mentor or spiritual director. Your report will graphically show how you put discipleship into action according to the five discipleship expressions (Encounter, Faith and Life, Accompanying, Serving, and Catholic Living) in both a Summary and a Full Report.


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Group Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Catholic Discipleship Profile is a pastoral tool to help Catholics visualize the way they follow Jesus in their daily lives. The CDP presents statements that show Catholic discipleship activities and asks participants to respond in terms of how often they do each of these. After completing the assessment participants receive an exclusive, private report that depicts the frequency of these discipleship behaviors in five areas common within the Catholic tradition. In this way, each participant gets a “snapshot” of how she or he is living as a disciple.

The five major areas are:

Encountering God
Integrating Faith and Life
Accompanying and Being Accompanied
Serving Others
Living as a Catholic

These five areas are ways in which Catholics express their Catholic faith. As a result, these areas are simply named “expressions,” which allow a way to report discipleship behaviors.

There are two main parts. The first is the set of 81 statements to which participants respond with the frequency of their discipleship behaviors (Always/Almost Always, Often, Sometimes, Never/Almost Never). The second part is a unique, private report that not only displays the frequency of behaviors, but also provides ways to reflect more deeply on one’s unique discipleship profile.

The CDP has three possible reports: 1) an individual report on which a participant can reflect and, if desired, share with a spiritual mentor; 2) a group report that amasses the average responses of the group as a whole (i.e., no one’s responses are directly seen by others), so that the group can see how its members exercise discipleship; and 3) a parish report under the direction of a pastor who can use the results to help a pastoral staff, the parish pastoral council, and other parish leaders see the areas in which parishioners exercise discipleship most readily and those areas that seem less likely to be exercised. Groups follow a process to reflect on the group report. Parishes can use the parish profile to plan for activities and provide resources to sustain and grow discipleship as leaders visualize the parish as a community of missionary disciples.

Whether a person takes the CDP as an individual, part of a group, or part of the parish, she or he will receive an individual profile report for personal reflection. Each individual report also includes a section at the end titled “Resources for Your Continuing Growth as a Disciple.”

For individuals: $7.95

For the group leader and group members: $6.95 per person

For parishes:

Number of CDP tickets purchased

First 100 tickets
Next 200 tickets
Over 300 tickets

Cost per ticket


All costs are one-time charges.

Your responses to the statements are seen only by you and by anyone with whom you choose to share them. No one else has access to your profile report. The information is yours and kept strictly confidential.

If your responses are going to be part of a group or parish report, the reports will never reveal who gave what response to any statement. Rather, the total responses are aggregated and averaged so the trends of a group or a parish can be seen but not the information of any member of a group or a parish.

The report you receive is unique to you. If you chose to share your report with someone else, such as a spiritual advisor or a mentor, that is your decision and personal choice.


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