Discover How God is Working in Your Life

A Trusted Roadmap for Your Spiritual Growth

The Catholic Discipleship Profile is a personalized, data-driven tool designed to help you visualize how you currently live the Gospel in your daily life and identify opportunities to follow Jesus more closely. Your results get right to the heart of how you live as a Catholic in five key areas:



how you live your relationship with God through faith and prayer


Faith and Life

how you grow in your faith through life’s challenges



how you offer and receive support from others



how you live out your faith in service, sharing, and love



how you incorporate Catholic values and practices in your daily life

Reflect with Gratitude. Unlock New Growth.

Watch as Fr. Frank Desiano, President of Paulist Evangelization Ministries, shares the heart of the Catholic Discipleship Profile.

Learn about this powerful tool that uncovers how the Holy Spirit is working in your life right now, and unleashes a new chapter of discipleship with concrete opportunities for growth. These insights make us grateful for the work God has done and excited for what God will do next!

Take the Next Step in Your Discipleship Journey

  • Spend just 15 minutes exploring your faith life
  • Immediately receive a report that gives you a snapshot of your life as a disciple
  • Get concrete next steps you can take on your spiritual journey
  • Totally personal and private—no one sees your report unless you share it

Here’s What To Expect In Your Personal Report

Your profile is a singularly helpful tool for reflection, encouragement, and growth. It gives you clarity on where the Lord is working in your life and offers concrete steps on how to grow in holiness.

A Detailed Snapshot
Your downloadable report contains a visualization of how you put discipleship into action according to the five discipleship expressions (Encounter, Faith and Life, Accompanying, Serving, and Catholic Living).

Reflect with Gratitude on Your Results
Each section of your profile concludes with questions for reflection and action. Hone your awareness of the graces you are given so you can respond with a resounding “YES” when you are called to take action.

Resources for Continued Growth
The word “disciple” means “learner” and our learning how to follow Jesus never stops. Your report comes with personalized resources to help you grow in each of the five key areas of discipleship.

Track Your Progress
You can repeat the Catholic Discipleship Profile in each new season of life, receiving manageable advice and tools for accountability as you follow in Christ’s footsteps.


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