Resources for the CDP Administrator

Step 2. Prepare two ways for parishioners to register.

Resource 4: View a sample landing page below.

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Welcome to the Catholic Discipleship Profile, an online survey that enables you to discover how God is working in your life.

Fr. (name of pastor) and the Parish Pastoral Council have decided to use the CDP, a resource that provides discipleship growth for individuals, groups, and our entire parish.

Click on the button below and take the CDP today.

  • Spend just 15 minutes exploring your faith life
  • Immediately receive a report that gives you a snapshot of your life as a disciple
  • Get concrete next steps you can take on your spiritual journey
  • Totally personal and private—no one sees your report unless you share it

The CDP Administrator can contact Paulist Evangelization Ministries if there are questions about the CDP.

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