Resources for the CDP Administrator

Step 1. Invite all parish groups to support the CDP.

Resource 1: Benefits of Using the CDP with a Group.

Participants who take the CDP as a group will each receive their own individual report as well as the group report and the parish report. This helps participants see how they live out discipleship in comparison to the group and the parish. In this way, participants can reflect on dimensions of discipleship in their own personal lives and as members of a group, allowing multiple insights into how to live Catholic discipleship more fully. Each group member also will have access to resources for continuing growth as a disciple.

In addition to receiving the group report, the group can also benefit from participating in a process to reflect on the report’s meaning for the group. Through shared discussion, groups can see where they express discipleship most readily and areas where the group can grow. Pastoral leaders also can use information from the group report to plan formation and training for group members depending on the type of group. For example, DREs may use the CDP group results to shape formation topics to use with their catechists.

The CDP Administrator can contact Paulist Evangelization Ministries if there are questions about the CDP.

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